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Ghosts [Instrumental]

from by Carl Mylo



I had a blast recording this track, especially after adding the percussion and the drum patterns. The only part I had a problem with was getting the guitar right. The lead part wasn't technically hard to play, but it was hard to get "right". I kept holding notes either too long or too little. I’m sure nobody else would’ve picked up the mistake, but my OCD kicked in. The rhythm part gave me a few problems since I played it on a right handed guitar with the strings still in their proper order, so I did barre chords since it was easier. Basically, I played a right handed guitar upside down.

I think this song is probably the most complex when it comes to tracking since every channel is doing something at any given point in this song, especially with the low track count limit I set. The mix was hard to get right due to all of the instruments with overlapping timbre. If you pay attention to the first part where the drums cut out for a bit, you can hear a throwback to old 80s dub mixing. For example, you're able to hear the snare and kick drum but only on the reverb send when the main drum track is muted.

I remember I was also stuck choosing a proper drum machine for a while. I wanted something that sounded like a mix between "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode and "Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo but with a shit ton of more low end.


[Instrumental version]


from Last Summer, released June 9, 2017
Carl Mylo: Drum programming, guitars, keys 'n' synths, loops


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Carl Mylo Chicago, Illinois

indie dreaming of the 80s

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