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Last Summer

by Carl Mylo

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I started Last Summer without an idea on how to properly finish an entire project by myself. I had demo uploads of an EP called “The Seventh Sun”, but that never fully saw the light of day as was intended. Sometimes it still feels like Last Summer is still not finished, but that's probably just me being overly critical of my own output.

Most of the EP was recorded while I was supposed to be in high school, but I kept skipping classes to work on finishing it. It was released in 2017, but the music writing was basically done in 2015. The huge gap between its start and finish was spent procrastinating with binge watching YouTube, failed attempts at writing lyrics, rerecording some parts, and making new mixes. In the end, there were around 31 mixes for some songs and no less than 7 different masters. Listening to it now, I can really hear how much I was listening to the Retrowave and 80s styled synthpop revival back then.

The fact that this album owes a lot to 80s and 90s music is an understatement. Even though majority of this EP was recorded in-the-box (entirely in a computer in a program called Studio One), I tried to limit myself to whatever was available during those eras. I used virtual recreations of old synthesizers, drum machines, and effects equipment. I kept the amount of tracks low in case I'd ever transfer it to tape, which some parts ended up being. The masters were transferred to reel and then cleaned up in Pro Tools. I don't think I'll ever go back to the long-lost analog fetishist ways I had before, though. I just really wanted that slightly fuzzy and crushed sound.

I'm happy to say that I basically made everything about this EP, especially with how it turned out. The music, the production aspect, the art design, everything. I used to really hate my own music but maybe I was just being too harsh on myself. I hope you enjoy this EP that took me way too long to finish. Let’s hope the next ones don’t take as long.



released June 9, 2017

Made in Chicago, IL with love ❤️
Written, performed, and produced by Carl Mylo

Special thanks to:
Josh Marron for introducing me to cool stuff to learn from.
Sheepy Sheep for being a bro.
Niko Thomas for keeping me in music.
Adam Warne for being a huge influence.
Mindy for helping with direction and promotional stuff.
© 2017 Carl Mylo



all rights reserved


Carl Mylo Chicago, Illinois

indie dreaming of the 80s

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Track Name: The Arrival/ Welcome Home [Instrumental]
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Track Name: Reflection [Instrumental]
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