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by Carl Mylo

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“Dopamine” is where song projects go to die. There is a copious amount of copyright infringement on this compilation which consists of simple mashups to all-out DJ Shadow wannabe extravaganzas. Basically, this album isn't really good. It's not even a proper album, to be honest. It's just a compilation of all of the unfinished sample projects that I'll never finish.

'Amen Porn' is literally the Amen break blended with a sample from the Deep Throat porno. 'Closer To' is vaporwave. There's also a short mashup of Plantasia and Mort Garson. That should set the scene.

Most of these experiments were being made when I was just learning how to actually sample things. I used mostly Ableton and Studio One while a few were done on the ASR-10 and the MPC2000XL which I'm so thankful I got to use. While Ableton’s warping was much easier to learn, some things I made in Studio One by manually chopping the song up then typing in how fast a slice should be.

Keeping within my old traditions, some songs are recorded on tape. The fact of how much effort this took just put me off to the whole thing, especially when you consider that these recordings can be pulled anytime due to copyright laws.

Although the release date is 2016, some of the songs date back to 2012. Mastering also wasn’t done as a whole. Every project has their own mixing and mastering styles since every project was treated as a separate entity when I first made them. Maybe I’ll make a proper sample based album when I have the money to deal with clearing samples.


released June 9, 2016

Made in Chicago, IL with love ❤️
Produced and mixed by Carl Mylo
'Eight Three Twenty Fourteen' co-produced, co-written, and mixed with Jake Funnyman.

All samples, audio, recordings, or whatever else you want to call them are property of their respective owners. No ownership is expressed or implied
(ɔ) 2016




Carl Mylo Chicago, Illinois

indie dreaming of the 80s

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